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About Us

Classic replicas.

Welcome to Vintage Replicas!

Here at Vintage Replicas, you will find affordable antique replica jewelry. Choose from our fabulous range of merchandise which includes sterling silver antique filigree reproduction pieces, some of which are one of a kind. Whether you are a collector or just share an appreciation of antique and vintage jewelry you are sure to find the perfect piece.

With Vintage Replicas, there is no compromise. You’ll get high-quality antique replicas at an affordable price every day!

Meet the Owner

Daphne Soto

Founder & CEO

My name is Daphne Soto and I am the founder of Vintage Replicas.

My career started years ago here in New York City where I became fascinated with the jewelry making process. I was fortunate enough to sit with the jewelry makers and stone setters and observe how they made jewelry from the raw state to its dazzling finished state. Seeing the craftsmanship and intricate details, my love grew for these antique eras in time.

I’m excited to bring you my latest collection!